End of October 2019

This evenings board meeting proceeded as upon the previous occasion, with three persons present... one of these being the designated medium for the evening.  It is the intention for Andy to be the designated medium on these occasions and for his guide, Rene, to take control of the board.  It is intended for Rene to act as gatekeeper during each sitting.

The sitting began with a few movements of the upturned glass, with gathering speed and random letters approached, before RENE was spelled and this spirit communicator welcomed.

As the sitting progressed MARY was spelled and this communicator recognised by Andy.  A private message was offered to him, the matter referring to a current topic.  Random letters were again approached, with other spellings recognised and felt to have meaning. RARD (was repeated and it was felt that this might be a name of a communicator, although there was no evidence to support this). ET...a previous communicator and one recognised by Andy.  Then a message ARE YOU ABLE TO USE QEO O PEN.  ANN was spelled followed by I LOVE BEN.  Also BARBARA OAP DAD (a message thought to be for Andy's father).

The letter Q was often indicated.  Sitters eventually felt that this might simply indicate that they were to ask a question...perhaps, for ease of communication, one requiring a simple 'yes' or 'no' response.  Various questions were trialled, without unexpected response, before Andy asked for advice.  He has an intention to sit at home for development (in addition to attending the Lodge circle weekly).  So he asked how long he should sit for development within his home environment and in response the glass indicated 60 (minutes).  He asked how often he should sit each week and 1 (sitting) was indicated.

Later LEMON TREE was spelled...which caused laughter from myself as Lemons are something historically connected with the Lodge.  Basically in the early years anyone coming to the Lodge suffering from anything from a sore throat to a broken ankle was advised by my guide FC to take lemon in warm water!  This has become a standing joke now and is often the response I offer to those seeking healing.  The message 'Lemon Tree' was also accepted by Andy, who particularly wants one.  It should perhaps be said that very often messages from Spirit mean different things to different people.  In fact it was only the other day that I was discussing this with a friend who had recently attended a trance mediumship séance here in the Lodge.  It was noticed then that every person present had received a message that was meaningful to them, and that the same message meant something different to each.

Also spelled was SAGE.  This was felt to be particularly meaningful to Andy as he has notably very recently purchased a picture titled 'The Sage' by artist Dianne Harris.

The herb Sage has also been planted in the past week in a freshly dug area in Chris's garden...and the sage herb is meaningful also to the third person present during this sitting.

In all...an enjoyable evening shared with friends far and wide...!

October 2019

Following some initial experiments with the spirit board early in 2018 other distractions caused diversion.  In fact it wasn't until the late summer of 2019 that Andy and I again sat together for a board meeting!

Our first few sittings were pleasurable and the phenomena of some interest.  We could both feel energy building and slightly raising the upturned glass.  We became aware of the 'different' energies felt as the communicators changed.  We learned to 'feel' and develop our sensitivity.  The communicators appeared to be learning along with ourselves.  We made notes of the letters spelled...
SLQ OMNKN   OSM  OCNM O...clearly indicating that trials were taking place.

Further sittings were held and gradually some communicator intellect become demonstrated.
During one sitting the initials CM were indicated and I responded by saying that there was a letter missing from the middle.  The prompt response to this was D.  My initials prior to marriage were CDM.

By now we'd been sitting together weekly for awhile and so decided to invite a friend to join us.  This proved to be of enormous benefit. In fact as we all thoroughly enjoyed the evening we intend to make this a regular fortnightly group event.
The first communicator was RENE.  Rene, Andy's primary guide, had communicated through the board on every occasion. FC was also spelled once again during the evening...he too has communicated through the board at every sitting (he being a conglomerate entity and my recognised guide).  NASAWI was spelled...he being the guide of the third sitter present.
Rene spelled TAKE CHARGE, when asked if he was taking care of the board.  Nasawi spelled MANY PEOPLE when asked if there were others wishing to communicate with us.  At one point our guest sitter said that her arms ached as the upturned glass was resting distant from her...and the glass immediately responded by moving closer to her.  When the glass was running around the edge of the board in rapid circles I asked if it could 'go the other way round'...and it responded to do so!  I then asked if it could 'go up and down the board' and it immediately stopped and did so...and then 'back and forth now?' caused the glass to run across the board.  DAD, NANA, MARY, ET, BERT  were amongst the names also spelled during this sitting.
Finally, as the experiment drew to a close, the glass went to A and then to GOODBYE...followed by C and then GOODBYE...and finally R and GOODBYE.  This effectively acknowledged the presence of the three sitters individually.

The beginning...an experiment 2018

Just before Christmas 2018 Andy and I had been chatting generally about the pros and cons of communication boards.  The spirit board is not something that has been focussed upon within the Lodge to date...so I considered it to be a subject open for experimentation.
We were, of course, aware of the general 'bad press' surrounding the 'Ouija board'...and as we have the highest respect for the energies evoked when working with all aspects of mediumship we were not treating the matter with light regard.

Following our discussion Andy set out to hand-craft a beautiful wooden communication board, which he subsequently gifted to the Lodge.  A small upturned glass is the chosen communication indicator...this glass having a fitted cover for storage purposes it seemed perfect as it can effectively through intent become 'locked' and 'unlocked'.  To further enhance this intent a small fancy key is placed inside the glass when it's not in use.

We offer a description of our first experimental sitting

The mediums chair was placed within the closed cabinet.  This is because we wished to clearly define our intent for his spirit team to work with him.  A second chair was placed outside of this curtained area, with another chair placed opposite and a table, with the board upon it, positioned between.  A smaller table was set to the left hand side of the medium...this table had a pen and notebook laid upon it.  Lighting came from a 15 watt red bulb, that was positioned above the table.  Music played in the background.  This initial séance lasted for an hour and a half.  Two sitters were present...Andy and myself.

Following the opening of the séance both sitters placed a finger upon the glass, which began to move within few minutes...but it was obvious that there were 'trials' being effected as the early movements were spasmodic before random letters were selected.  Gradually this changed and some personality became demonstrated through the movement of the glass.  In fact on two occasions the glass was obviously dancing to the music!

Suffice to say that names were spelled and the identity of communicators clarified through questioning when necessary.  Different communicators came and went...using the 'spelling method' as well as 'Hello' and 'Goodbye' indicators and 'Yes and 'No' responses when appropriate.  In this manner messages were received.

At this stage the questions we asked and the messages we received are felt by us both to be of personal interest, rather than being for public publication.  The names of the communicators can however be recorded here: Fred Hill (who declared an interest in physical mediumship, in a home circle capacity, when in life). Thomas. Mary (known to the medium). Brian Porter. Mark Bolan (spelled in this way). FC (known to myself). Jenny. Sue Courtier (known to the medium). Fred. Busvine (a name known to myself). Rene Descarte.

Research:  We were later interested to learn that Marc Bolan was born Mark Feld.

Note: We have agreed for this form of communication to be utilised between ourselves upon occasion, rather than to sit regularly with developmental intent.  At a later date we may hold a group sitting...but not until we have stabilisation of the phenomena.