January 2020

By now the energy regularly felt to build beneath the upturned glass, and the movements which followed, appeared to be stable.  However, the shared sittings had not, with honesty, offered any communication that an outsider might consider to be evidential.  Therefore, as a devotee of physical mediumship and a seeker of objective evidence I felt it was time to introduce some structure to our board meetings.  With this intent in mind, following a little consideration, I typed a list of objectives.  One example of this: Many famous theatrical performers, and those with this interest, have passed.  Tonight we welcome communication from some of these historical figures. We would like to learn a little about them and to receive verifiable evidence of their identity.

I typed a further ten varied invitations in similar form and then cut them into strips, folded them, and put them into a small box.  Immediately prior to each sitting, one strip of paper would be selected at random by Andy, and that subject would become our theme for the meeting.  With no pre-awareness of the chosen theme it was not felt possible for any person present to carry out prior research.  This fact heightens the evidential value of any communication received.

Tonight, with the above theme selected, the three sitters took their places.  The first communicator was Rene.  His presence was acknowledged and thanks given for his gate-keeper role.  Thereafter actual board-spellings are in capitals with an * placed where sitters guessed the typed word.  I will interject when repeated conversation appears relevant.

AC   We asked whether this was the communicators initials and the response was Yes.  We asked the communicator to spell their first name.
ANDREW...followed by CEARN  We asked whether he had theatrical interest and received a Yes response followed by SINGER and when asked which music he liked BALERO.

The next communicator spelled TERRY NUTKINS.  Between ourselves we felt this gentleman to be a youngish man, and felt that he probably hadn't died....but we went with the flow and, knowing him to be an entertainer working with animals we asked for his favourite.  ELEPHANT was the response.

The sitting progressed along similar lines:


Further communication was offered with less clarity.  The sitting (I hour 15 minutes) gradually came to a close following some personal information and advice being offered to two of the three sitters present.

Research after seance:
Terry Nutkins