This evenings séance was another interesting one.  All three sitters arrived in fine spirits (pun intended) and the subject of random choice for the evening was selected: “Those past who spoke in languages different to our own, to offer evidence of their survival by spelling messages that could be translated later”.
The three sitters were consciously aware that between them they knew some French and a little German.  
The séance was opened in the established manner.  Then all three waited.

After an extended period RENE made his presence known as gatekeeper of the board.  Further time elapsed, with several random letters indicated.  Gradually some words became spelled within the mix.
KEY. BOB. ANDREA (Male). AMBORSE. DATA. ARRIVE. CROATIA. ONE. ET (recognised). BRAVE. ADAM RANDOLPH. FREE YOUR MIND (message for one of the sitters). PAMALA. ARABELLA. BRITISH RAIL (in response to a question from one of the sitters).

Each communicator appeared to ‘struggle’…with the energy beneath the glass notably wavering in intensity and stability. The personalities of some communicators were felt by all three sitters, with two of them being most greatly aware…both offered independent matching descriptions.  Myself, as circle leader and host, found this of particular interest, as of course it is the over-all intent of the mediums seated within the Lodge to provide evidence of survival, and this evening the spirit board acted as a focal point to demonstrate the blend and the value of both mental and physical mediumship.  

The intent of the Lodge project has always been, and will remain, primarily to support the development and demonstration of evidential physical mediumship.  However, over the years, on many occasions it has been made apparent that the elements of mental mediumship are essentially entwined with the physical.

In all another enjoyable and thought-provoking séance.
We feel that we're not quite ready to invite a guest sitter along to share a Board experience, but it won't be long now before we do  : )