October 2019

Following some initial experiments with the spirit board early in 2018 other distractions caused diversion.  In fact it wasn't until the late summer of 2019 that Andy and I again sat together for a board meeting!

Our first few sittings were pleasurable and the phenomena of some interest.  We could both feel energy building and slightly raising the upturned glass.  We became aware of the 'different' energies felt as the communicators changed.  We learned to 'feel' and develop our sensitivity.  The communicators appeared to be learning along with ourselves.  We made notes of the letters spelled...
SLQ OMNKN   OSM  OCNM O...clearly indicating that trials were taking place.

Further sittings were held and gradually some communicator intellect become demonstrated.
During one sitting the initials CM were indicated and I responded by saying that there was a letter missing from the middle.  The prompt response to this was D.  My initials prior to marriage were CDM.

By now we'd been sitting together weekly for awhile and so decided to invite a friend to join us.  This proved to be of enormous benefit. In fact as we all thoroughly enjoyed the evening we intend to make this a regular fortnightly group event.
The first communicator was RENE.  Rene, Andy's primary guide, had communicated through the board on every occasion. FC was also spelled once again during the evening...he too has communicated through the board at every sitting (he being a conglomerate entity and my recognised guide).  NASAWI was spelled...he being the guide of the third sitter present.
Rene spelled TAKE CHARGE, when asked if he was taking care of the board.  Nasawi spelled MANY PEOPLE when asked if there were others wishing to communicate with us.  At one point our guest sitter said that her arms ached as the upturned glass was resting distant from her...and the glass immediately responded by moving closer to her.  When the glass was running around the edge of the board in rapid circles I asked if it could 'go the other way round'...and it responded to do so!  I then asked if it could 'go up and down the board' and it immediately stopped and did so...and then 'back and forth now?' caused the glass to run across the board.  DAD, NANA, MARY, ET, BERT  were amongst the names also spelled during this sitting.
Finally, as the experiment drew to a close, the glass went to A and then to GOODBYE...followed by C and then GOODBYE...and finally R and GOODBYE.  This effectively acknowledged the presence of the three sitters individually.